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About me ...

Name: Sergio Escudero
Nationality (if app.): Argentinian with spanish passport
Age: born 1988
Position: striker
Present club: Urawa Red Diamonds (JPN)

fussballD21 asks ...

At what age did you start playing football? I started kicking a ball when I was three.
What made you choose football? My father was himself a professional player, so it was only natural that I should follow him.
At what age did you start playing for a club? Playing in Japan I didn´t join a club until I was 14. Before that you can only play in school teams.
Did you used to play in your free time and do you still do so today? Yes, all the time. And even now whenever I can.
Do you like playing indoors? Playing in a big tournament can be interesting, but otherwise I prefer playing outside on a full-scale pitch.
What clubs have you played for? Very early on I once played for Velez Sarsfield in Buenos Aires (Argentina) .
What has been your greatest success so far? Our team was third in the J-league Youth Championships.
Who do you have to thanks most for your successful career? My father´s influence has been crucial to my career. He gave me lots of useful advice - and still does so. And my present coach Guido Buchwald gives me a lot of support and encouragement and the opportunity to play in the first division.
Who is your idol? My idol has always been my father.
What advice would you give to young players just starting out? Think of football every day and practise, practise, practise.
How do you motivate yourself again when you are not quite as successful as you hoped? Football is a team game where mistakes are easily made. It´s important to carry on despite the mistakes and to remedy them. If one player makes an error, the other ten are there to help him.
Do you have a "dream Club" thast you`d like to play for? I have the great good fortune to be playing for my dream team already: Urawa Red Diamonds.
What is you aim for the future? Now that I have made a start in a professional team, I would like to take the next step and play for my country and take part in the World Cup. But I´m not sure what country I should play for. I am Argentinian by birth, but I live in Japan and feel at home there. And besides that I also have a Spanish passport. At some point I am going to have to decide ...
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