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MTU-Cup 2016
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About me ...

Name: Bruno Verri
Nationality (if app.): Brasilian
Age: born 1988
Position: midfield
Present club: Gremio Porto Alegre

fussballD21 asks ...

At what age did you start playing football? I started getting serious when I was 8. But thanks to my father Dunga football had alway been "in the family".
What made you choose football? I enjoyed playing football with my friends so much.
At what age did you start playing for a club? I didn´t join a club until I was 14.
Did you used to play in your free time and do you still do so today? Yes, whenever I have a spare moment. But I think you have to if you want to become a professional like me.
Do you like playing indoors? Yes, I find it very enjoyable, but it is a totally different game from the one played ouside.
What clubs have you played for? At the start while my father was playing in Germany I played for VfB Stuttgart. After that I joined Gremio FC and at one point I also played for Internacional de Porto Alegre.
What has been your greatest success so far? Just playing for Gremio is success enough as far as I am concerned.
Who do you have to thanks most for your successful career? Without a doubt my family who support me in everything.
Who is your idol? My father Dunga and Romario.
What advice would you give to young players just starting out? To be really successful you have to show discipline and give your all in every practice session and every match.
How do you motivate yourself again when you are not quite a s successful as you hoped? I get my motivation by thinking of my great aim in life. I want to be a professional footballer and to achieve that I will give my all.
Do you have a "dream Club" thast you`d like to play for? I still dream of playing for Stuttgart. I´d love to be a professional at VfB.
What is you aim for the future? First of all I want to make it as a professional player. Taking part in a World Cup would be to fulfill all my dreams.
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